Basic Odie's Application Instructions

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Standard Application Instructions:

SHAKE or STIR WELL BEFORE USE. Apply small amounts of Odie's Oil to the surface of the wood with a 0000 steel wool or an applicator pad (for best results use a scotch brite style pad whose grit is rated at or above the last grit level used on the wood/epoxy)-see table below. Apply finish in the direction of the wood grain. Work the finish into the wood as you apply. Only apply what is needed to saturate the wood fiber, this will be less than what you think. Wait 30 minutes and check the wood surface. If the surface feels dry, apply more Odie's Oil and repeat until the wood fiber is saturated and will not absorb any more finish. Allow finish to set for no less than 40 minutes and no longer than 20 hours. The longer the finish sets the harder it will be to buff off, so it will be easiest if you wait 40 to 60 minutes. Buff off with a terry cotton towel to a lustrous sheen. You should buff it completely dry. Allow to dry for 3 days before use.*

*You should wait for the full cure time of 2 to 3 weeks before letting any liquid on the wood surface. After the full cure time it will be water proof, if you applied the Odie's correctly, and if you have buffed all of the product off.

'For dense, hard surfaces such as epoxy or veneer the application process will be the same, however, you will only need to use a minuscule amount of oil.


Application Videos