General Odie's Questions


If you are experiencing troubles do not sand the oil off, please give us a call or send us an email at
Are there any harmful chemicals in the Odie's products?
Nope! There are no harmful chemicals, solvents, VOC's, or hardeners in Odie's finishes.
What can Odie's be used on?
Odie's Finishes can be used on virtually any surface. This includes, but isn't limited to wood, concrete, clay, marble, brick, metal, plastic, leather, and epoxy.
Can Odie's products be used outdoors?
All Odie's products can be used outdoors with the exception of our Oxi and Dark products. When finishing an outdoor project, especially a large one such as a deck, we recommend that you first use a layer of our Super Penetrating Oil, and then following up with a layer of regular Odie's oil or Super Duper Oil.
Does Odie's offer UV and weather protection?
Yes, Odie's finishes offer UV and mold protection, for additional protection you can add Mr Cornwall's Creative colours which will act as sunblock. Refresh your piece when need it and keep the surface clean to reduce any chance of mold growth. We do not recommend Odie's Dark Finishes for outdoor use.
How can I clean things that are finished with Odie's products?
There are three different ways to clean things that are finished with Odie's products:
  1. You can mix 1 part vinegar with 10 parts water and clean with a terry cotton cloth
  2. You can use soapy water (like Dawn dish soap), but remember to rinse all the suds off, and then wipe it dry
  3. Or you can make your own cleaner using Odie's cleaning concentrate. To do this you can make a mixture, mix 2% of Odie's Cleaner Concentrate with 98% water in a spray bottle. Just spray and wipe. This will clean, refresh your finish. Start using this mixture after is fully cured.
*Or you can make your own rejuvenating cleaner using Odie's cleaning concentrate. To do this you can make a mixture that is 50% Odie's Oil 9oz and 50% Odie's cleaning concentrate 32oz, then mix 5% of this with 95% water in a spray bottle. Just spray and wipe. This will clean, refresh, and rejuvenate your finish. This formula is recommended for projects that show some heavy wear and exposure, do not use it when the finish is freshly applied.
When should I refresh my finish?
You should refresh your finish when you notice it is getting dull. Many customers do not have this happen for many years, but it depends on the use of the piece as to how long it will be before it needs to be refreshed. For instance, in most common settings will not need to be refreshed for many years. To bring back your sheen you simply need to add one thin layer of original Odie's oil, buff it in, let it set for about 45 minutes and buff it off completely.
Can I use Odie's oil on top of an already present stain or finish?
Yes, but it's always best use Odie's directly on the wood so it will penetrate the wood fiber and make that barrier against stains and water that makes Odie's so effective. Also, it is best to use Odie's products. See below for how to make a custom stain using Odie's products.
How many square feet can one 9oz jar of Odie's oil cover? And the other products?
Depending on the wood type Odie's Oil can cover anywhere from 150-220 square feet on most domestic wood. It is the most efficient finish on the market!
You can get about 600 square feet per jar of Odie's Wood Butter and over 1000 square feet for the Odie's Wax. The Odie's Solvent-free Super Penetrating Oil goes about 600 square feet. Since the Odie's Finishes last so long, it is important to use a finish preserver like Bloxygen.
How long can I let my Odie's sit on a shelf once opened?
Odie's immediately starts to harden once it is opened. Bloxygen, or any other finish preserver, can be used to slow down this process. If you come back to see that there is a hard layer on top, you can dig below it to get to the usable portion of the jar. Once Odie's has hardened, there is no way to reconstitute it.
Why is my Bloxygen can so light?
Bloxygen is a gas, so it is normal for it to feel extremely light. You will know that you still have some gas left when you spray and it makes a shhhhh noise, and you will know that it is out when it makes a ssssss noise. Bloxygen can be used about 100 times before it runs out, depending on the amount used per use.

Which Products Should I Use


What is the difference between Mr. Cornwall's Super Duper Everlasting Oil and universal Odie's oil?
Mr. Cornwall's Super Duper Everlasting Oil is a much thinner formulation, providing a bit of warmer look, similar to danish oil in application just wipe on wipe off with the strength, durability and all natural, food safe qualities you've come to expect with Odie's line of finishes (2 or 3 coats recommended). The light version is for interior and exterior use while dark version is recommended for interior use only. Super duper is a stand alone finish, which can also be used in conjunction with all Odie's products. It also works well for making stains, simply add our pigments and mix.
When should I use Odie's Solvent-free Super Penetrating Oil?
Odie's Super Solvent-free Penetrating Oil should be used when you need extra stabilization, or when you are covering a large area. It is a thinner consistency than the regular Odie's Oil, but still provides protection and sheen. For the best protection, especially when working outside, we recommend that you first put a layer of Odie's Solvent-free Super Penetrating Oil, and then put an additional layer of regular Odie's Oil.
What is the difference between Odie's OXI and Odie's Dark/ Super Duper Dark oil?
Oxi, Dark and Super Duper Dark are oxidizing oils. They patina the wood over time, the dark level depending on oxidation, natural sugars and tannins content within the piece of wood. Oxi is a translucent oil. Odie's dark oil and Super Duper Dark are made out from darker ingredients and may change the color of the wood by maybe a shade, but also add contrast to the grain. The Super Duper Dark it is a thinner formulation similar with danish oil in application just wipe ON wipe OFF.
It would be any difference if I apply any of Odie's Dark Oils over Odie's Universal?
If you apply any of Odie's Dark Oils over Odie's Universal or Super Penetrating Oil or Super Duper Light there will very little change in color if any, because the dark not only oxidizes but also interacts or changes depending on the tannins into the wood.
What is the difference between the butter and the wax?
The wax is a traditional hard wax, and is usually used as a final layer to provide added protection. It is also a stand alone finish. We like to use it on very light wood to keep them very light (not pop the grain). The butter is a hybrid between the oil and the wax, and is a softer consistency. It is used as a building layer, and provides additional protectIon and extra sheen. It can also be used alone. Please wait one day in between coats.
Should I use the butter or the wax?
The wax is used in very small amounts and should be used when you are looking for added protection and sheen. The butter should be used when you are looking for some added protection, build, and sheen. Both of the products can be used alone, but it is highly recommended that they be used in conjunction with the Odie's Oil as additional coats of protection and sheen.
Why is the wax so hard?
The wax is a traditional hard wax, so it's supposed to be hard. You only need to scrape away a very small amount of the wax to use.
Can I mix pigments into Odie's Oils?
Yes. You can mix any oil compatible pigment into the Odie's oil to make a stain, but we recommend Mr. Cornwall's Creative Colours.
How do I use Mr.Cornwall's Creative Colours?
You can create a custom stain using Odie's products. To do this you can either mix Odie's oil or Super Duper Oil directly with Mr.Cornwalls Creative Colours, or you can make a solvent based stain by mixing 2-3 parts Odie's Safer Solvent to 1 part Odie's Oil and then adding your pigment.
After sanding in preparation for applying Odie's Oil, what is the best way to clean the surface of sanding dust?
You can wipe off with Odie's Safer Solvent, let it dry and after apply the oil or you either can wipe off with a clean rag or tack cloth.


Odie's on Wood


Do I need to sand in between layers?
You do not need to sand in between layers. You simply need to work it in with a scotch brite style pad, let it sit for about an hour, then buff it off; this process is repeated for any additional layers of the oil, butter, wax, or any combination of the three.
How long is the cure time for my wood project?
The cure time for most woods is 2 weeks. It is very important to allow your wood to cure for optimal results.
When can I start using my wood project?
  • You can start using it immediately, however you should baby it and not let any liquid stand on the surface until the cure time is completed.(see above)
  • If you have used Odie's on flooring, we recommend you wait 72 hours before you start putting your furniture on it. Do not let any liquid on it until after the complete cure time.
How do I get a better sheen?
Your sheen will depend on the quality of finish prep as well as on the sanding grit used. The lower the grit, the more matte the sheen, and the higher the grit, the higher the sheen. When sanding to a higher grit remember not to skip grits.

How do I apply Odie's?