We cannot emphasize enough that Odie's Oil will finish all types of wood for any application and will produce just about any level of luster desired depending on surface preparation. And as always, our number one rule is relax and enjoy!

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Finishing Tips and Techniques For Odie's Products


If you understand the principle behind the Odie's Oil products, you will understand how to use any product in the Odie's Oil Finish Product Line successfully.

The principle behind Odie's Oil products is as follows:

Wood is made of a system of straws-wood fiber, cellulose. The main purpose of this system is to move water and lignums (oils) throughout the living tree. When the tree dies and the wood is dried, the wood fiber is now almost absent of the water and lignums that were once present. The wood is now like a dried out sponge. It is ready to absorb whatever moisture it comes in contact with, and this can be very problematic. As the ambient environment and moisture levels change, the wood will absorb or lose moisture and this will cause it to move substantially. This is what causes warping, cracking, and joint failure. What better way to avoid movement, warping, cracking and joint failure than by re-introducing and stabilizing the wood with actual lignum oils and waxes natural to plants and at home in wood. Odie's products are designed to saturate, move through and bond with the wood fiber, creating a barrier against the elements like nature intended. Odie's products are made with only the most superior natural oils and waxes to condition the wood, ensuring its longevity in the most natural way (like nature intended) and at the same time leaving a naturally esthetically pleasing finish that cannot be matched, a finish that can be taken to any level of luster desired, without any harmful solvents or toxic chemicals, which in turn helps us ensure our own longevity. What could be better than that?


The great thing about Odie's Oil and its companion products is there is no wrong way to finish with them. Just remember - Use all Odie's finishes like a wax. Apply the product, wait for it to set up and vigorously buff off to a beautiful luster! The only hard rule is that all of the Odie's finishes should be completely buffed from the surface. Otherwise, we say, "be creative and have fun". It's that easy.

Plan Your Approach

Each piece you finish with an Odie's finish product can be approached in unique ways to achieve your desired results. For example, take into account the following details that could affect the final outcome of your project:

- Wood grain and color

- Wood moisture content

- Desired sheen

- Finish prep* - for example – level of sanding

- Amount of time you want to spend on finishing

- Function or final use

*Using Odie's Safer Solvent is the safest and most effective way to prep and clean.

Now keep in mind that the Odie's Finish Line is a system that works with the natural qualities of the piece. Each Odie's finish product is not a surface of its own separate from the wood. It forms a bond with the wood on several levels and becomes part of the wood. With all this knowledge, every piece should be approached, prepped and finished with any combination of the Odie's Finish Line for the piece's own unique qualities and your desired results.

There are many ways, combinations and techniques to use our products. Unlike with other finishes, there is not a "one size" fits all "get the same coating" technique for Odie's finish. We have noticed that our customers use our products in their own unique ways to reveal the intrinsic beauty of each of their pieces. The Odie's Finish Line is definitely not boring! It is nothing like a polyurethane or other topcoat type finish that gives every piece the same fake "plastic look" coating, regardless of the wood or it's natural inherent qualities. If you appreciate how unique each piece of wood can be, Odie's Oil is your finish for sure!